William D. Wagner, PhD, MS, FAHA

“Bill”, President, and chief scientific officer has worked over 40 years on research projects connected with heart and artery diseases and tissue regeneration including nerve and 15 years on the potential therapeutics derived from Muscadine grapes. He is a member of several scientific societies which includes being appointed a Fellow of the American Heart Association. He collaborates with several key investigators at other institutions on the effects of Muscadine polyphenolics on a variety of health issues. He is trained as a multidisciplinary research scientist with emphasis on cardiovascular disease, nutrition, and chronic wounds. His passion, desire, and motivation has always been to understand health issues and clinical problems and to address these in new and innovative ways. He has committed his entire life to this work.

Robert W. Hinnant Jr

“Bob”, board member and partner, owns and operates the oldest and largest commercial vineyard in North Carolina. Bob has a passion for growing and developing new varieties of Muscadine Grapes. He is an expert on viticulture, fresh market Muscadine grape marketing, juice and wine making. Of special note is his interest in growing Native “wild type” Muscadine grapes which early settlers of NC said have super health benefits. More information can be found at:

Walter C. McDuffie

Walter, board member and partner, owns and operates the McDuffie family vineyard and has been growing Muscadine Grapes for over 25 years. Walter believes in family values and helping his neighbors and people in general. He is a champion of the health benefits of Muscadine grapes and believed in this so much he became a Partner in the company. Walter currently serves on the Board of the North Carolina Muscadine Grape Growers Association as well as the Bladen County Farm Bureau.