Health from the Vine

Muscadine Naturals is a Company with YOUR HEALTH IN MIND. For over 17 years we have brought you a superior all-Natural dietary supplement. The Muscadine grape, nature’s BEST source of natural ANTIOXIDANTS is the base for all our products.   Our products contain natural RESVERATROL and ELLAGIC ACID and other PHYTONUTRIENTS which may SLOW the onset of the diseases and reduce inflammatory conditions.

Our products contain ALL NATURAL Muscadine with no extracts or fillers. We grow all Muscadine Grapes used in our products to ensure the variety and quality. We do not source our grapes like other companies.  We have our own “custom engineered” plant for processing and have proprietary patented processes to enhance the health benefits of all our products.

Company scientists and Investigators at several institutes and medical centers have and continue to conduct basic and human clinical trials using one company product “MuscadinePlus.”

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