Mission Statement

In our society today where medical drugs are being pulled from the market and deemed unsafe, there is a growing need to find a natural and safe solution to our growing health care issues.  Muscadine Naturals was formed to help fill this void with all-natural products made from the most incredible gift from Mother Nature – the Muscadine grape. The medicinal value of the Native American Muscadine grape has been recognized for generations. However, it has only been in recent years that we are beginning to understand the science behind why it is so effective against so many of our chronic health problems.  Muscadine Naturals has emerged as one of the leaders in producing premium dietary supplements from the Muscadine grape.

The Muscadine Naturals Story

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In the summer of 2001 Muscadine Naturals Inc. began as many businesses have started with a question by one of the founding owners. “Why don’t Japanese beetles eat my Muscadine Grapes like they do the French Grapes”? Of course, they had a nerdy scientist in the neighborhood who quickly responded, “That’s because the grapevine like many plants produces polyphenolics that protect it.” Of course, the next question was “What is a polyphenolic”?   These simple questions led to more questions and the formation of the company to develop a family of all-natural dietary supplements made from grape skins of the North Carolina State Fruit, the Muscadine grape. In March of 2005, the first product, MuscadinePlus dietary supplement was created and became available to purchase.

While research on the Muscadine grape is impressive, most of the scientific community, outside of a few universities in the south, knew extraordinarily little about this magnificent grape. Elevating the status of the Muscadine grape in the scientific, medical and health care communities is one of the company’s goals. Recently the company’s products have been tested in cells, animals and in Human Clinical trials. As this research continues, Muscadine Naturals plans to maintain the lead in developing new all-natural products from the Muscadine grape.

Muscadine Naturals continues to be at the forefront of promoting the health benefits of the Muscadine grape. Our company recently partnered with two of North Carolina’s largest vineyards. This association now makes our company the largest source of grapes in the state. More importantly the expansion can result in investigations of more varieties of Muscadine Grapes and increases our capacity to produce enormous amounts of supplements to reach a greater number of customers.

Our Team

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Our philosophy at Muscadine Naturals is simple. We want to take what Mother Nature has created and make it available to everyone. By owning the entire process beginning with the vineyard, we can ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of our products. What really drives us at Muscadine Naturals is knowing we are offering the safest and most effective Muscadine products available, backed by scientific research. We have confidence and conviction in our philosophy because we are sure of three basic facts:

  • Our scientific analysis of the Muscadine grape and the research studies at major universities confirm the presence of numerous phytonutrients which not only serve as antioxidants but also protects our health in many other ways.
  • Based on our research and that completed throughout the world, we know many of the health benefits of the phytonutrients.
  • Outside analyses confirm that when we process the Muscadine grapes using our patented process, the valuable phytonutrients are retained in a concentrated unaltered form.

We want to extend a special thank you to our many loyal customers who contact us daily about how our products have improved the quality of their life. These comments inspire us to continue producing new and better products from what Mother Nature has given us, the Muscadine grape.

William D. Wagner, Ph.D., 
Fellow, American Heart Association 
President and Co-founder